Monday, August 13, 2007

Whoo am I tired!

Busy,busy, busy.

Tried to install a house full of shutters on friday, in Georgetown Tx. which is about 120 miles north of me.

While tootling along on I35 about halfway there, I notice that I am emitting a huge amount of white smoke from under my van. Aw CRAP!

Quickly pulling over to inspect the malfunction, I find my Transmission leaking fluid all over the place.
Diagnosis: Blown front seal, scorched and fried Xmission.

Remedy: 5 quarts of fluid, and limp back to the swamp, while calling the client to reschedule for monday, Pull tranny, rebuild tranny, reinstall tranny, done at 2 am sat morning. Which BTW is the fastest I have ever done a rebuild job, a little less than 16 hours.

Up at 730 Sat morning, install 5 houses full of blinds with my Xo get back to the office around 5, and do paperwork till 9, go to Papa's bar and grill for libations and karaoke, get to bed, after Jack in the Box, around 1:30 am.

sunday, up at 7:30 take aspirin with my coffee, peruse the opinion columns, start the first of 5 load's of laundry,MOW the Friggin Yard, WBTW, was about a foot high, due to all of the rain we have had recently, and build a King sized upholstered headboard. done about 10pm in bed at 11.

monday, on the road at 8, get to the job site at 10, and promptly blow out the crotch on my slacks, so there I am all commando, swinging in the breeze, Howdy, everybody.

Thank GOD for safety pins.

Get done around 2:30 and wait around so as to get paid, get back to San Antonio around 6pm
do paper work till 8 go back to Papa's for more libations and to see an old GF who had just heard of my impending departure.

Get to bed @ midnight.

today, up at 6 coffee, paper, out the door at 7:30 pick up 6 orders from the factory, back to the office, take about 20 phone calls and write this post.

Time for lunch!


Deborah Aylward said...

Sorry to hear about the transmission, but at least you were able to save on the labour costs.

After reading the remainder of your post, it sounds as though you'll have no problems dealing with whatever comes your way in Iraq. Except for the fact you'll be in a theatre of war and on high alert when on the road over there, it sounds as if it's in some ways more hectic, on an hourly basis, where you now are!

Take care. "MI" are two words we don't wish to see applied to you, sir.

Veritas et Fidelis Semper

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, 120 miles south of Georgetown - I thought he is either in San Antonio or occupied Mexico. We went to school in San Marcos and lived in McAllen for several years - all lots of fun. I have a brother in Austin. Although he is a hippie/liberal/lawyer/musician, he is great fun.

I will be watching for your posts from Iraq. You seem to lead an interesting life.

Kris, in New England said...

Unka - yowzah and I thought MY life was a bit crazy lately. Sounds like Iraq might be a break for you... ;-)

Though I will say that the part about your pants was TMI darlin', just a little TMI.

Shelly said...

I was exhausted just reading. I agree everyone should have safety pins and duct-tape.


Bag Blog said...

Bailing twine is good to have around, too. You can fix most anything with twine, safety pins or duct tape.

unkawill said...

Kris,sorry about Tmi, I thought it was funny as hell, and nobody got a look anyway.

I have a PHD in Advanced Jury Rigging, but prefer to do repairs professionally.

I have a background in Construction, Mechanical arts,Electronics and Manufacturing, so I can either fix or build just about anything!

I have also gained,over time, Skills related to the Administrative side of the house.

Customer service,sales,HR, payroll,Taxes,OSHA and all the other George jobs that come with being self employed.

I forgot Chief Cook and bottle washer and Janitor!

I think Heinlein said it best, " Specialization is for Insects"

FbL said...

Yikes! I'm tired just reading that! LOL