Thursday, August 16, 2007


Did the back and forth with HR today, submitted the rest of my paper work, got my Birth certificate in the mail from Alabama and received my manifest to fly to Houston, Sunday afternoon, so I can start the glorious hurry up and wait that is the in processing process.

Fun! 10 days of filling out forms, getting fitted for MOPP gear and Body armor,Physical check up/out, Classes, KBR corporate culture,Middle eastern culture, But mostly sitting around and catching up on my reading.
I should get through at least 4 books in those ten days, and the first one is going to be " The Arab Mind". I have already started reading it and am about 80 pages into it.


P-3W said...

Godspeed, Unkawill.

I was just catching up on your site and curiosity made me check out the KBRjobs site. Husband would never let me, but I wonder if they'd want a 50-year-old out-of-shape female-type. Prolly not. I'm a big chicken, anyway.

Be safe. Keep your head and butt down. No extra holes allowed.

Kris, in New England said...

Wow, that came up fast Unka. As we've said here before - and articulated SO very well by P-3W above - no extra holes please. Get in that rig and keep driving til you reach your destination. I presume the other 9 books you'll read in those 10 days are all realted to the first one...

Shelly said...


"the best armor is staying out of gun-shot"
not sure where I heard that but it sounds like a good plan.

Be safe and let us know what is going on.