Monday, March 31, 2008


Hey everybody!

Sorry for the long delay. I have been swamped with the move to Bagram.
Bagram Air Field that is. I am surprised at how small this base is, area wise. I had supper last night with two F-15 pilots, 1st Lt's Arrow and Joker. After explaining how thrilling,we,on the ground, found their Combat takeoffs. I asked them what the elevation at the airfield was. Turns out to be 5000'. This place sits on alluvial deposits eroded from the surrounding rugged Snow-capped peaks of the Hindu Kush. A former Soviet base, it is still littered with the detrius and debris of its former incarnation, and that includes about a million Mines still on base and in the area.

The Good? much cooler temps and some mountains to look at, not to mention a lot of cute chicks running around.

The Bad? Primative living conditions and an even MORE BORING job than I had before.