Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty, I have seen the trailers, I have NOT seen the movie. I will pick it up in bootleg form when I get to Iraq.

It has rained here every day but three this month. This constant rainfall makes it extremely difficult to practice my trade.

It has also submerged 12 vehicles in our overflow lot, here behind the Swamp.

The Swamp? pray tell unkawill, what is the Swamp?

The Swamp is my office/warehouse space,upstairs on a split level 10,000 sf corrugated tin building, downstairs is a three bay garage suitable for working on big rigs and any other vehicles for that matter.

Fully equipped with 2 hydraulic hoists, pneumatic system, welding gear, presses, and special tools.

Amenities include, pool table, dart board, tv,stereo, internet,refrigerators microwave and BBQ pit.

Friends and family visit often.


Kris, in New England said...

Some swamp - pool table, dart board, etc...

Sounds like the start of a GREAT bunker - save me the trouble to build one in my backyard.


Deborah Aylward said...

Sounds as though you need to begin work on an ark...a really BIG ark...with room for all those amenities.........and family and friends, of course.

Veritas et Fidelis Semper

unkawill said...

Kris, It's a tin shed! Dreadfully hot in the summer, not too bad in the winter.
I, of course have A/C in the office.