Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Continued Dealings with HR

Got a call this morning, 07:30, from KBR.

You are on the rehire list, I need a copy of your drivers licence, front and back, and your driving record from the Texas dept of Public Safety.

I went to the DPS web site and ordered a copy, it will be here in 5 days, so they say.

Once they get that in their hands, the inprocessing starts .


Anonymous said...

The things we do...
The things we do...

Anonymous said...

So tell me unkawill.
Enquiring minds...
And, of course, all the best.
Fair winds and all that....
But why?

unkawill said...

Well that is going to take a post of it's own,and I'll get right on that, if you would be so kind as to drop the anon moniker.


Kris, in New England said...

Unkawill - as curious as I am about your reasons for doing this again, for putting yourself into harm's way like this - it's your decision for your reasons. Post them or not - I'll be keeping you in my thoughts until you return safely to home soil.

It's a funny thing, your announcement. I mean, I've been a supporter of the GWOT since 9/12/01. I've immersed myself in milblogs and made it a personal mission to keep as informed as possible about what's going on "over there" and in the rest of the world. I consider a few of the milbloggers, and some in their communities, to be friends - though I've never met any of them.

But this, your announcement? Somehow makes it all the more personal now. We've traded comments, snarks and opinions, all in good fun. And though I've never met you - I care about what happens to you. Something about this whole milblog community makes it feel like we all "know" each other from a common ground of some kind.

I know - I'm babbling now and probably not making any sense. I'm a sentimental girl and just can't help it. Sorry.

Michelle said...

Sorry, unkawill.
The fact that you confused me for fliterman, not very flattering. But perhaps somehow appropriate?

'Tis me, Michelle, from Lex's. But I wasn't Google/Blogger so I went with "anon". And I must admit, I was curious as to whether you could decipher who it was LOL

Anyway, as Kris said, you have your reasons and there certainly is no need for you to share them if you would rather not. Its just that I know you have your own business, your last experience in country certainly wasn't the best and... I guess I kind of thought that if you went back it would be in the military.

But I too am babbling... in this case about stuff that really is none of my business. I certainly wish you all the best over there. Like Kris said, even though we've never met, it makes it all so much more personal. And one could say that we've had an interesting relationship since meeting up on TFD, no?

Take care and if you choose to post the "why", I will certainly be reading. Any idea on when you will go?

Anonymous said...

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